• Secret Parade

    My heart held a funeral for youwhen I wasn’t lookingWithin the whistling, overgrown garden of trees of eyes and I close my eyes one by one by oneto not see your pained pacing back and forthstir-crazy in hostagepaining us bothYet I grew a garden for you smell your sick selfI refused toI let you waste…

  • Standstill

    Standstill is an ink on paper drawing with a peacock and medieval soldiers.

  • Longing

    Longing is an ink-on-paper drawing

  • Choco Haven

    Choco Haven is a painting I saw in my dream.

  • Murakami’s Hard-boiled Wonderland

    This is an illustration for Murakami’s hard-boiled wonderland

  • Devotion Series

  • Crushed summer

  • In the night

  • Andreas’ Dream

    A tribute to George Andreas