• Midnite Special II: Moonrise

    This is the second in the Midnite Special series

  • Midnite Special I

    An image from the series Midnite Special with a person resting on a wine glass.

  • Post Hollow-scene

    Post Hollow-scene is an ephemeral shrine that uses site-specific found resources in nature. The colors of leaves change throughout the duration of the project’s lifespan.

  • Pool Party: Homecoming

    Pool Party: Homecoming is part of the Pool Party series

  • Pool Party: Dawn

    Pool Party: Dawn is part of the Pool Party series

  • Pool Party: Circus

    Pool Party: Circus is part of the Pool Party series

  • Meditation

    Meditation is an ink drawing on paper, digitally colored

  • In Between

    In between impulse-driven honoring and the tacky enshrinement of small wonders, between scintillating revisits of my crackling, walled up fireball life engine, leaving with beautifully burning embers in the monochrome drag…in between the whistling and rumbling of trolley train outside my third story apartment… where in between 35% and 97% have you fallen in love? you asked in between the train rumbles.

  • All the Little Things (That Made Me Happy)