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Inundate v. overwhelm with things or people to be dealt with
from latin inundat (“flooded”), which from inundare.
from in- ‘into, upon’ + undare ‘to flow’ (from unda ‘a wave’).

In places worlds apart. In wildly disparate politics, an epoch of unprecedented collective pause. In doubt. Enraged. In solitude. In shambles. In rusted and renewed bonds. In love and fear. In private ecstasies and frustrations of accidents and botched attempts. In waiting for a long, arduous artistic articulation of what needs to be said.

Off with the screen, and back into our lives. Is it all real and is it happening? By some astronomical force of fortuity, we are in each others’ lives, through the tenuous link of the virtual, on a 12 by 9 inch rectangle of pixels. We each are multitudes, pulled in a singularity in the shape of a pursuit, a chase.

For artistic manifestation, for meaning, for a way to be and a way to think, through art. Those of us that were outside are in now. Swimming in new knowledge of old thoughts. We are in under, inundated, inundado, 淹没(yanmo), غارق, inondé…

Rengu Zhang

Illustration by Rengu Zhang