• Wrestling

  • Fruit Series

    Untitled34 x 46 inches Graphite, charcoal, molding paste, acrylic, watercolor, tempera and ink on paper

  • Born here

    Born Here, Born Now14 x 17 inches Charcoal, ink and tempera on paper

  • A Place We All Call Home

    A Place We All Call Home is a mixed Media Painting

  • Eu-topia

    This is a eu-topia, a happy place.  Tucked-away in quietude that only faintly suggests its shadows, its whiteness conforms and adapts to the living space of the white wall. It can be looked at closely or far away, and from every angle. Its form suggests an open-ended possibility to grow and replicate on greater expanses…

  • Raindrops 3/28/2016

    Pitter-patter Fallen, wet souls Tapping my shoulder Screaming my name on the window Who’s out there howling, Slowly turning insane?