3/16, 3 liquids

I always end up with 3 types of liquids surrounding me, as now, on the window sill, are 3 glasses. This thought first hit me 3 years ago, when I was last back home. When, reading in bed, I noticed 3 liquids on my tatami bed sill. The thrill being that of choices. Like continental breakfast.

A red, ceramic knotty cup crafted by a friend is reserved for pernicious, necessary evils, at estimably just short of a cup. I use it for coffee. Second, a white cup for healthy potions, with small golden hearts and a print that says

            LOVE IS LOVE

which looks like it could be from Target, also a gift. It now has yellow vitamin C in it. Third, a steel cup of brushed metal, containing the warmed source of all life, water, which now has rose petal, astragalus, ginseng, goji berries and Dangshen. I get the habit of warm water from my mother who doesn’t just believe in Chinese medicine, but is the living biological proof of it. She eats room-temp yoghurt and warm apples.

I used to think it crazy until I realized I couldn’t escape her body. It’s not a matter of choice. Warm up the food for your body, not using your body. That way you save the energy to heat up the ingestion from the inside. It’s a matter of conservation.