3/15, SOS

Daylight Saving began, my watch is still an hour behind. A week ago I switched my phone service from a major corp to a smaller, newer, less expensive carrier, B. Less expensive being operative. Right when I transferred service, unknown to me, B was having system-wide malfunction. I switched into a ghost land without a ghost of customer service to talk to. My phone said


where the signal bars used to be. Nor could I port out my number and start service elsewhere.

I lost a week. Of something. Plus one hour. Never had I ever felt so stingy about time. Nor would I have known that having no service in NYC would be the source of such anxiety. So finally, today I decided to go back to another major carrier. And of course right afterwards, carrier B was resuscitated. I asked if they could make up for the lost week, knowing the answer already. As if the week could be made up. As if springtime could be saved. SOS.

It turns out it’s easy to port in and out between carriers. But I wonder how many people wandered in the ghost land that week, going from being carried to uncarried, with no ports to call for help, losing time but getting on just fine.