Rengu Zhang headshot

Artist Statement

Using a trans-cultural and trans-historical approach, Rengu Zhang orbits among the handmade, the digital, still and moving images. Relying on drawing, sculpture, performance and video, She is guided by the fluidities of perceptions, languages, geographies and cultures.  Through narrative, ambiguity, and the everyday mundaneness, she blurs fiction and fact to inquire and ponder about the construction of the feminine identity, boundaries, becoming, belonging and longing.  Her projects allude to both the panorama of the human experience and autobiographical accounts, using pseudo-landscapes or non-places as vehicles of altered realities and imaginings.


Born in Guiyang, China, Rengu Zhang lives and works between Xi’an, China and New York, NY. She holds a BS in Environmental Geoscience from Boston College and is currently pursuing an MFA at Parsons School of Design. She has exhibited in the US and abroad in exhibitions such as “Sex Money Trash” at 25 East 13th Gallery, New York, NY (2021) and “Bi Cang” at Jia Pingwa Art Museum, Lintong, China (2020). Her work was included in “Be Beyond: 1st Xi’an Biennale 2019,” Xi’an, China. Her curatorial projects include “Inundated,” 25 East 13th Gallery, New York, NY; “Left Unsaid, Miss(In) Personae,” CopeNYC, Brooklyn, NY; and the art auction event at the Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala of World Unity Inc., Boston, MA. Her work is in the permanent collection of Copelouzos Family Art Museum. She copy-edited Anywhere IV, published by Project Anywhere (2021), and Where Is Art: Space, Time, and Location in Contemporary Art, to be published by Routledge, New York, NY (2022).

2022  M.F.A.  Parsons School of Design
2018  B.S.  Boston College

Selected Exhibitions
2019 Dec., INTEGRATED ART UNIT, 1st Be Beyond: 2019 Xi’an Biennale., Xi’an, China
2019 Nov., FREE ART MARKET EXHIBIT, 1st Be Beyond: 2019 Xi’an Biennale., Xi’an, China
2019 Oct., Auction at 23rd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala, World Unity Inc., Boston, MA
2019 Oct., ARTINI, Blend, Boston, MA
2019 August.,TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIMENT, Chizao Gallery, Xi’an, China
2019 April, 35 BY 35, Copelousoz Family Art museum, Athens, Greece.  Artwork featured in the exhibition catalogue “35 x 35”  and permanently collected by the museum.

张人谷出生于中国贵阳,现驻扎于西安和纽约。她目前就读帕森斯艺术研究生学院,主修纯艺术。她的作品曾在中国及美国各艺术艺术机构参展,包括贾平凹文化艺术馆,纽约CopeNYC,以及西安二零一九年第一界双年展。她曾编辑过的艺术出版物包括Project Anywhere 出版杂志Anywhere IV以及Routledge (英国劳特里奇出版商)二零二二年即将年出版的当代艺术理论选集Where Is Art: Space, Time, and Location in Contemporary Art。

2019.12参展 综合架上展 》, 2019西安当代艺术双年展,西安
2019.11参展 自由艺术市场展 》,2019西安当代艺术双年展,西安
2019.11 参展 23rd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership晚会 World Unity Inc 慈善晚会拍卖,美国波士顿
2019.10 参予制作 Silvia Lopez Sanchez大型公共艺术作品“Patterned Behavior”, 美国波士顿
2019.10参展《ARTINI, Blend, 美国波士顿
2019.8 参展《变形实验》,迟早西安
2019.4 参展《35 BY 35》作品被雅典希腊 Copelousoz Family Art museum收入永久馆藏并入录展览刊物中国当代艺术家作品集